UBC General Assembly
December 7th, 2016 passed successfully.

1.Welcome Note from Chairman.

2. General Statment. State of current affairs.

3. Closing Budget of 2016. Projected Budjet for 2017.

4. Plans for 2017. "First steps". Calendar 2017.

5. Election of Administrative Board for 2017.

6. Closing remarks. Dinner

Elections results:

New Board members for 2017

1) Bandura Denis (Chairman) 2) Neskorodov Ievgen (Deputy chairman) 3)Eugeniy Poltavec (Secretary General) 4) Blagodarova Nadiia (Treasurer) 5)Gintov Volodymyr (Technical Administrator) 6) Karpenko Sergey (Board member) 7) Zinchenko Elena (Board member) 8) Voronovich Sergii (Board member) 9) Hintova Oksana (Board member)




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